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Scoliosis Surgery

Tina Danze

Jenifer Rosello’s severe scoliosis was debilitating to her body and spirit. She remembers having constant headaches. She never felt rested. With a 55-degree curvature, her spine was compressing her lung, which cut off oxygen to her brain and made her chronically sleepy. She also remembers how it felt to go anywhere in public, how it was always about covering up her crooked back.

It’s one thing to suffer privately. It’s another to have a condition that advertises itself. Jenifer had had enough. She researched her options. Then she found Baylor. When she talked to her surgeon at Baylor, his skill and experience were obvious. He told her that her condition was clear-cut, and he knew how to fix it. Then he explained how he would straighten her back.

The day of the surgery, Jenifer went into Baylor ready to become a new person. In the surgery, doctors put two rods and 22 titanium screws into her spine. The next thing she knew, she was awake and checking to make sure she could wiggle her toes.

Jenifer used to be a pretty young lady with a hump on her back. Now she’s a pretty young lady with a bright, healthy future. Years ago, before scoliosis took over her life, she liked to dance for exercise. Now she’s dancing again, from a whole new posture.


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