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Every 37 seconds, another person dies of heart disease. It’s the nation’s most effective killer, and has been for more than a century. Today, 23 million people suffer from heart disease, and of these, 1.5 million will have a heart attack this year. Women will be hit hard, as heart disease kills more women than all types of cancer combined. Congestive heart failure is on the rise, too, with 550,000 people diagnosed each year.

It takes fierce dedication to combat numbers like these. But Baylor has battled this killer for more than half a century, pioneering many breakthroughs in the process. Today we’re more determined than ever to keep the fight – and our patients – alive. As a larger percentage of our population ages, the need for cardiovascular care grows. These patients need our vigilance. And we all need to win.

Baylor Health Care System is the heart of our community’s Cardiovascular care. As the go-to hospital system for cardiovascular care in North Texas, we launched the region’s first hospital dedicated solely to cardiovascular care. Baylor Jack and Jane Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital remains a leader in a broad range of clinical trials. That it has one of the nation’s lowest heart failure readmission rate shows that the hospital embodies the true Baylor spirit. To us, the best outcome doesn’t just save a person’s life, but dramatically improves it for the long run. It takes more heart.

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Our medical leadership is only as strong as our ability to train the brightest minds in the field. Because of our patient volume and the vast experience of the physicians on our medical staff, we are in a unique position to offer outstanding, real-world training through fellowships.

Fellowships, which begin after residency, allow physicians to specialize in cardiology or vascular surgery. There are eight cardiology fellows and four vascular surgery fellows in the Baylor fellowship program. Each of these fellows, whether they remain at Baylor or seek positions elsewhere, will affect the lives of 50,000 to 100,000 people over the course of their careers. That amounts to a significant impact on the health of our community.


Clinical research yields a threefold bonus of benefits. First, it offers patients access to participation in clinical research studies of medical advances, often at no charge. We are currently conducting more than 125 cardiovascular clinical trials. Second, it is our clinical research that keeps us at the forefront of heart and vascular medicine. Finally, clinical research is critical to fulfilling our mission to serve all people.


The brightest, most talented leaders are key to the future of cardiovascular care. Baylor has the extraordinary opportunity to recruit them.

Your contribution can help Baylor Health Care System Foundation fund new research and treatment options for people with heart disease. Please give online or call 214-820-3136 to discuss your gift today.

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Serving the spiritual needs of patients and families


Treating the whole person.


Baylor Health Care System performs more heart and vascular procedures than any other hospital system in North Texas.

In 2010, Baylor performed more than 2,000 cardiac surgeries, more than 11,000 cardiac interventional procedures, nearly 12,000 vascular procedures and close to 2,000 electrophysiology procedures.

Baylor has two free-standing heart hospitals.

Baylor Heart and Vascular Hospital has one of the lowest heart failure readmission rates of any hospital in the country.

In 2010, Baylor had more than 100,000 patient visits for cardiac care.