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1903 Giving Society

Named in honor of the year Baylor was founded, the 1903 donor society was created to recognize loyal donors by providing convenience and special amenities during the member’s health care experience. In 1903, the actions of dedicated individuals made a significant impact on the lives of future generations. Today, you have the same opportunity to reach out and make a lasting contribution to your community. This prestigious group is the Foundation’s way of expressing appreciation for the continual support that has been provided to our health care system.

Enrollment is based on annual giving of at least $2,500. Those who cumulatively donate $2,500 or more within a period of 12 months will automatically receive an invitation to join 1903. Memberships are activated on a quarterly basis. To qualify, please donate using the general donation form.


  • Complimentary garage and valet parking
  • Expedited paperwork
  • Daily Foundation notification of your visit to the hospital
  • Access to Physician Referral Center, if you have a Baylor doctor
  • Access to International SOS program, a 24-hour medical response service for international travel
  • Subscription to the Foundation newsletter, the torch
  • Subscription to Baylor Innovations and BaylorHealth magazines
  • Recognition listing in the Spring edition of the torch
  • Invitations to select Foundation events

Click here for a 1903 brochure.


Do Boone Powell, Sr. Society members qualify for 1903 benefits?
Yes, those who have placed Baylor in their will and have notified the Foundation become Boone Powell, Sr. Society lifetime members. These members maintain continuous enrollment in 1903 automatically and receive the benefits listed above. For more information about Boone Powell, Sr. Society, visit

Can Baylor employees be 1903 members?
Yes, Baylor employees and their spouses may join the 1903 distinguished annual donor society. Spouses may use all 1903 benefits. Employees will have limited benefits per Baylor regulation. For example, employees cannot use the free parking benefit. For more information contact Debbie Timberlake, the 1903 society administrator, at 214.820.3754 or

I believe I donated more than $2,500 in the past year. How do I start receiving benefits?
You must fill out an enrollment form to receive the one-year 1903 membership. Enrollment forms are sent to qualifying donors on a quarterly basis.

Why do I need to supply a social security number and signature to receive 1903 benefits?
1903 benefits include expedited hospital admittance, which means we already have your forms filled out and waiting for you when you come to the hospital. To provide the highest quality service and privacy to our donors and patients, we need you to supply this information and signature to us to start your membership.

Contact the Foundation for more information at

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