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When a child has a developmental or birth disorder, a traumatic injury or a severe illness, the idea of a normal childhood may appear impossible. Yet that is what the staff and pediatric specialists aim for at Our Children’s House. Here, in addition to offering complete therapeutic and rehabilitative care for children under one roof, we provide families with support, education and counseling.

The average inpatient stay is one month, which gives families time to prepare for their child’s care at home. We provide outpatient care too, including physical, occupational, feeding and speech therapies, as well as other services the child may need. This specialized care continues long after children return home. The goal, as they transition from our house to theirs, is to make sure they arrive at a happier place.

Areas of Need


Midlothian has experienced a 67 percent increase in population in the last decade compared to a 34 percent increase in Waxahachie. Midlothian is the new center of growth in Ellis County, and 29 percent of the population is under age 18. We need to move the current location of Our Children’s House in Waxahachie to the Midlothian area to serve more children in the area with the highest growth.


We offer one of the few intensive feeding programs in the nation. Many children admitted to Our Children’s House have had limited success with outpatient therapies because they require most of their nutrition from a feeding tube or need surgery to place a feeding tube. Receiving inpatient treatment at Baylor is what finally puts them on the road to normalcy. However, many of these patients are underinsured, making it difficult to sustain this treatment. Without our feeding program, many families in the Southwest will never know the joy of a family meal.


We could greatly improve the level of care we provide for patients in outpatient clinics by enclosing the exam rooms. With curtained exam rooms, the environment is busy and noisy. Enclosing the rooms would provide a quieter, more private and more nurturing space. It would also create a more professional atmosphere, improve infection control and complement the education of our patients and caregivers.


Some families do not have insurance or coverage for Our Children’s House care, yet do not qualify for Medicaid. They are truly stuck in the middle. Even though Baylor offers charity care, it may be insufficient to cover the needs of all uninsured children. A patient assistance fund would help us serve these families.

Your contribution can help Baylor Health Care System Foundation serve more children and their families each year through expanded programs. Please give online or call 214-820-3136 to discuss your gift today.

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Care for premature and critically ill newborns.


Giving unborn children every chance to thrive.


Our Children’s House treats more than 400 children with inpatient care each year.

In our outpatient programs, children receive more than 125,000 individual therapy sessions per year.

Our Children’s House, at Baylor’s flagship location in Dallas and in nine community-based outpatient clinics, serves more than 15,000 children every year.