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Fetal Care Center

The desire to give birth to a healthy infant is as old as the human species. But only in recent decades has there been a medical discipline devoted to giving unborn children – the most vulnerable of patients – every chance to thrive. Even today, there are fewer than 20 fetal care centers in the nation providing a full spectrum of fetal interventions and surgeries. It’s no surprise that Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas is one of them. We’ve been caring for women with high-risk pregnancies since 1975.

At the Fetal Care Center, physicians see babies at nearly every stage of gestation, from very early first trimester through term. The ability to diagnose and treat an unborn infant’s abnormality can help these physicians turn what threatens to be a stillbirth at 20 weeks into a near-term normal delivery. Each tiny life saved allows mothers to do what they’ve always done – count fingers, toes and blessings.

Areas of Need


Cardiac complications and other health issues can occur during pregnancy for both the mother and child. If these complications are addressed while the child is in utero, the chance of survival after birth is much higher. Baylor is pursuing new fetal interventions that have not been done anywhere in the world.


A high-risk pregnancy can be very stressful for the entire family. It is important that patients and their families receive the highest level of support during this already stressful time. Baylor does not just treat the disease, Baylor addresses all needs of the patient, emotional, social and spiritual.


Clinical research yields a threefold bonus of benefits. First, it offers patients access to participation in clinical research studies of medical advances, often at no charge. In the last several years, more than 4,000 patients have participated in clinical trials at Baylor. Second, it is our clinical research that keeps us at the forefront of fetal medicine. Finally, clinical research is critical to fulfilling our mission to serve all people. Fetal medicine is an area of research that holds enormous potential.

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Care for premature and critically ill newborns.


Providing truly great care for women.


Baylor Dallas is the regional destination hospital of choice for women with high-risk pregnancies. Every year, about 300 women with high-risk pregnancies are referred from the region’s obstetricians.

The Fetal Care Center was opened in 2007 to manage high-risk pregnancies.

Since its opening, the Fetal Care Center has had no stillborn births.

Baylor has the only comprehensive fetal care center in North Texas.

The Fetal Care Center has a dedicated pediatric fetal cardiologist on its medical staff.