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Quintuple Bypass Surgery

It was an ordinary day. Reverend Larry Walker was starting his workday, carrying a couple of cases of soda into his church. Then, he felt a twinge. Gut instinct told him something was wrong. So he called his doctor. In the doctor’s office, he learned he’d had a heart attack. And he would need surgery.

For Larry, who had already received a stent, the news didn’t strike him as a big deal. He expected the surgery to be like the one he had earlier, a fairly routine procedure. But when he met with the surgeon, what he found out was earth shattering. He needed bypass surgery for at least four or more arteries. That, he remembers, was the scariest moment of his life.

Many hours of prayer later, Larry came to Baylor confident that he was in the best hands. His quintuple bypass surgery was performed without a hitch. Afterward, instead of the usual five days in intensive care, he spent just two, to the astonishment of his doctor. In eight weeks, he was back at work.

For his remarkable recovery, Larry credits his faith, his surgeon and his dedication to Baylor’s rehabilitation program. Now, in addition to eating right and exercising daily, he’s converting his flock to a healthier lifestyle. He’s even installed a treadmill and stationary bike at the church. It’s only natural for the man who loves improving people’s lives. If he saves lives, too, so much the better.

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