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Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor

Tina Danze

Bunny Ginsburg’s life changed in the blink of an eye. She was vacationing in Spain with two friends when their car was hit head-on by another driver. Both her friends and the other driver died at the scene. Bunny was near death. Transported back to Dallas, she spent the next 107 days in the hospital, six weeks of it in a coma.

A traumatic brain injury, collapsed lung and multiple fractures left Bunny in a condition doctors were doubtful she could survive. But after what her husband calls a “marathon by inches,” she did recover. Astonished doctors said it was one of the most dramatic turnarounds ever. But the marathon was not over. The next phase was rehabilitation. For that, she went to Baylor.

It took every available therapy to help Bunny return to absolute-normal function. Learning to eat, talk, remember – every minor action demanded persistence and patience from therapists and Bunny alike. She remembers that her number one goal was to walk – and ultimately, to go home. After three and a half months of hospitalization and rehabilitation, she made it.

Now, Bunny’s husband says that to look at her, you wouldn’t know she had a catastrophic accident. She walks her dog daily. She lifts weights. And for 10 years, she has been volunteering at Baylor Our Children’s House. Bunny likes motivating patients and families, having walked in their shoes. After all, she herself was inspired when another head injury survivor came to see her at Baylor. Bunny says that he was just what she needed. No doubt, her story is exactly what others will need, too.


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