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Hematologic Cancers

Malignancies of the bone marrow, lymphatic system and blood all fall under hematologic cancers. But each has its own pattern of destruction. People with acute leukemias or high-grade lymphomas need immediate hospitalization and intensive care. On the other hand, chronic leukemias, low-grade lymphomas and multiple myeloma can be managed on an outpatient basis. All together, approximately 140,000 Americans are diagnosed each year, and 50,000 die.

In the field of hematologic cancer care, Baylor is a known leader. We receive hundreds of referrals for patients seeking advanced care or clinical trials. As our reputation grows, so will the number of patients. Yet with visionary support, we’ll meet each new challenge with the same level of courage that courses through the veins of every patient.

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Clinical research yields a threefold bonus of benefits. First, it offers patients access to participation in clinical research studies of medical advances, often at no charge. In the last two years alone, approximately 160 hematologic cancer patients have participated in our clinical trials. Second, it is our clinical research that keeps us at the forefront of cancer medicine. Finally, clinical research is critical to fulfilling our mission to serve all people.


Each year, we recruit more than 5,000 donors willing to give blood, stem cells or marrow to hematologic cancer patients. With more than 140,000 potential donors, our registry is one of the nation’s largest.


Our medical leadership is only as strong as our ability to train the brightest minds in the field. Because of our patient volume and the vast experience of the physicians on our medical staff, we are in a unique position to offer outstanding, real-world training through fellowships. Baylor has trained more than 42 oncology fellows since the cancer center’s founding in 1976. Moreover, we have one of the few bone marrow transplant fellowships in the nation. Fellowships, which begin after residency, allow physicians to specialize in oncology or hematology. Each of these fellows, whether they remain at Baylor or seek positions elsewhere, will affect the lives of 50,000 to 100,000 people over the course of their careers. That amounts to a significant impact on the health of our community.

Your contribution can help Baylor Health Care System Foundation expand facilities, find new treatments, train more doctors and support more patients with hematologic cancers. Please give online or call 214-820-3136 to discuss your gift today.

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Medical Education

Training the brightest minds in the field.


Personalized, compassionate care for cancer patients.


The first adult bone marrow transplant in North Texas was performed at Baylor.

More than 4,400 adult marrow and blood stem cell transplants have been performed at Baylor in the last 27 years.

Baylor’s Blood and Marrow Transplant Program is one of only nine centers worldwide and the only one in Texas that coordinates all aspects of the National Marrow Donor Program.

Our blood and marrow transplant program is the seventh largest in the U.S.

We have approximately 20 hematologic cancer clinical trials open for enrollment.