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Mission and Ministry

Baylor was founded in 1903 with the understanding that it would be a humanitarian institution, open to all persons – regardless of their faith – and prepared to minister to each patient as a whole, multi-dimensional human being. We have embraced this mission for more than a century, never forgetting that one’s physical health is inexorably tied to that person’s spiritual, emotional and social well-being. Our holistic approach to health care is still Baylor’s unique calling. For providers and patients alike, health care is more than a healing mission. It’s a transformative one.

Healing as an act of faith. As a faith-based organization, we are clear about our mission to serve the spiritual needs of our patients and their families. As an emerging national health care leader, we are equally clear about the need to strengthen and streamline the way we support patients, families, our staff and the global community. This is the task of the office of mission and ministry. It brings together three programs to deliver compassionate care: pastoral care for those of all faiths, clinical pastoral education and medical missions. Three programs with one mission: to make a difference in our patients, our community and the world.

Areas of Need


Chaplains provide spiritual care, comfort and guidance to patients and their families. Baylor has 81 staff chaplains and 100 volunteer chaplains representing all major faiths, with dedicated chaplains for every major medical specialty. Our chaplains, residents and volunteers work around the clock every day to offer pastoral care in our hospitals and communities.


Clinical pastoral education is critical to Baylor’s mission. We must educate ministers and lay people from around the world to achieve a learning environment that allows people from all faith traditions to grow personally and professionally. Our Continuing Pastoral Education Center is one of the nation’s largest accredited clinical pastoral education programs and is internationally recognized. Although the influence of our pastoral education faculty is felt worldwide, it is immensely important to those we touch closer to home.


Faith in Action Initiatives provide mechanisms to support hospitals in developing countries, raises funds to purchase critically needed drugs for disaster relief, supports local community clinics and enhances the spirituality of Baylor leaders as they serve the needs of communities beyond Baylor. Through Faith in Action Initiatives, we have helped grass-roots organizations here as well as in areas as far away as Russia, Nigeria, Haiti and Japan.

Your contribution can help Baylor Health Care System Foundation fund programs to strengthen and streamline Baylor’s long-standing ministry of healing, meeting spiritual and medical needs both locally and globally. Please give online or call 214-820-3136 to discuss your gift today.

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Caring for the most cherished generation.

Medical Education

Training the brightest minds in the field.


Last year, Baylor chaplains offered spiritual support to more than 145,000 patients and their families.

Baylor has more than 100 volunteers from all major faiths supporting patients with their spiritual needs.

Baylor has trained more than 700 ministers.

Baylor’s clinical pastoral education program is recognized as one of the nation’s finest accredited programs.

Faith in Action Initiatives have helped fund volunteer work by physicians on the medical staff at Baylor and Baylor nurses in more than 15 countries.

Faith in Action Initiatives helped Baylor organize 3,000 pounds of medical supply donations and 35 medical volunteers to help victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.