Baylor Health Care System Foundation

Campaign Overview

Baylor Makes Us All Better. That simple phrase is the impetus for a bold vision: take Baylor to national pre-eminence in areas of health care that have the power to transform individual lives and the communities we serve. Innovative models of care. Health care reform. Technological advances. Medical education. Game-changing research. Community health initiatives that have real impact.

Baylor’s leadership in the community is at an important crossroads. Dallas is redefining itself with excellence in business, civic projects, sports, arts, education and religion. The time has come for Baylor to emerge as a national leader for excellence in health care.

Baylor already has enviable national recognition in safety, quality, strong leadership and clinically advanced bedside care. We have more than 2.5 million patient encounters per year. We have a proud history of philanthropic support.

But excellence is perishable. Sustaining it requires not just stewardship, but innovation and investment.

Baylor Makes Us All Better.

Campaign 2015 offers significant opportunity to redefine health care. To galvanize staff and employees. To grow community support. To inspire caregivers and patients. To claim the mantle of leadership.

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$165 Million