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Surrogate Pregnancy

Tina Danze

It takes a special person to dedicate nine months of her life to carry another woman’s child. In this case, it took a special relationship. Christina Kuhn and her husband had tried to conceive for seven years. They worked with a fertility specialist, she had a pregnancy and miscarriage, and they produced embryos to be frozen. But ultimately uterine fibroids made it impossible for Christina to have a successful pregnancy. Her only options were to adopt or find a surrogate.

That’s when her sister Sarah Tiemann stepped in. She told Christina she wanted to be her surrogate. The two had always been best friends and had always taken care of each other. Sarah says it broke her heart to see her sister’s dreams of motherhood unfulfilled. Overjoyed, Christina accepted, and the embryo that would become their daughter was transferred to Sarah.

Once they discovered that the pregnancy was successful, Sarah and Christina were inseparable. As the due date drew near, the sisters were met with an outpouring of support from Baylor staff. A social worker helped Christina come up with a birth plan. A lactation consultant helped her prepare her body to breastfeed the baby. Baylor allowed Christina to be in the delivery room during birth, and she even got to give her newborn her first bath. It finally sunk in that this baby was hers when her daughter grabbed Christina’s finger and held on.

After the perfect birth, the new parents needed a perfect name. Then something clicked. Their baby was a gift of love and the creation of three people. They named her Trinity.


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