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Kidney Transplant Recipient

What do you give a woman who loves you enough to give you her kidney? That’s what Aaron Wiley wants to know. At the time, he had chronic kidney failure and expected to face years of dialysis. In fact, it took awhile for him to accept the reality that he did have kidney failure. He had no medical problems and had always been fit. Could they have the wrong guy?

It sank in when his doctor leveled with him. He told Aaron he had three choices: 1) get dialysis at the medical center, 2) get dialysis at home, or 3) do nothing and die. Reluctantly, Aaron started dialysis. One doctor suggested he get on the list for a kidney transplant. He did, but he wasn’t holding his breath. The average wait is five years. He figured he’d be on dialysis for a long time.

Aaron’s wife had other ideas. She wanted to give him a kidney. At first, Aaron refused, telling her he didn’t want to benefit from something that could possibly harm her. But Aaron’s wife is a judge. When she makes decisions, they stick. She made it her mission to give her husband a kidney. Miraculously, she turned out to be a match. As the process moved forward, Aaron’s wife peppered the Baylor doctors with questions. As Aaron says, she’s “very particular.” But their responses and patience with her gave her the confidence that she and Aaron were in the right place. The transplant was scheduled.

Aaron now has a new kidney. He says he’s recovered his energy, his mind, his family and his life. The gift came from his wife on Valentine’s Day 2008. He’s still trying to figure out how to top that.


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