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$100,000 - $249,999

Tom Thumb - Albertsons Companies - Foundation

Mary Kay Ash Foundation

Sammons Enterprises

Myra and Darwin Smith

Mrs. W. H. Smith
In memory of W. H. Smith

Texas Crescent
$50,000 - $99,999

The Family of Michal and Loyd Powell
In honor of Ola Fojtasek

Tiger Swallowtail
$25,000 - $49,999


Mrs. Linda Carter and Mrs. Christi Urschel
In honor of Ola Fojtasek

Lyda Hill

American Lady
$10,000 - $24,999

Bank of America

Darlene and Baron Cass Family Foundation


Lisa Cooley
In honor of Ola Fojtasek

Tucker and Rich Enthoven

The Roy Gene and Pamela Evans Foundation

The Stan C. & Mary Clare Finney Foundation

Ola and Randall Fojtasek
In memory of Lindalyn Adams

The Gayden Family Foundation

Margo and Bill Goodwin
In honor of Nicole Marie Ehni and Johanna Cowart

Mrs. Karen Faulkner Key
In memory of Lindalyn Adams

Gene and Jerry Jones Family

Carolyn and David B. Miller

Scovell Family Foundation

Amanda and Charlie Shufeldt

Connie Sigel


Tawny Emperor
$5,000 - $9,999

Susie and John Adams

American Radiology Associates

Diane Brierley

Nancy Carter


Claire and Dwight Emanuelson

Kristina Hallam

Kathy and Larry Helm

Mrs. Tavia Hunt

Tracey Kozmetsky

Sarah Losinger

Pat Morgan McEvoy and Carol McEvoy

Sandy Nachman

Marie Park
In honor of Ola Fojtasek

Pam and Vin Perella
In honor of Ola Fojtasek

Margot Perot

Sidley Austin LLP

Jill Guest Smith

Texas Oncology

Lorry and Patrick Wallace

Trisha Wilson

Carmen and Jeff York

Pearl Crescent
$3,500 - $4,999

Karen Carney

Shirley Cohn
In honor of Caroline Pratt

Spring Azure
$2,500 - $3,499

A.L. Chilton Foundation / Patti Brown

Allie Beth Allman & Associates

American Cancer Society
Jim Brown

Linda Barrow

Ben E. Keith Company

Pat and Jane Bolin Family Foundation

Michael Boykin

Carolyn Brown

Vicki Chapman and Lauren Bellemare
In honor of Ola Fojtasek

Children’s Health

Commerce Street Capital

Marybeth Conlon

Mildred Cooper

Carol Cook Dalton

Betsy and Richard Eiseman

Jesselyn Hayes

GDA Speakers

Kline Family Foundation
In honor of Ola Fojtasek

Michelle Lobel

Luther King Capital Management

Vicki and Brian Miller

Steve Newton

Joyce O’Shaughnessy, M.D.

Ann and Dighton Packard

PlainsCapital Bank

April and Ben Renberg

Christa Sanford

Ken Schnitzer

Debbie Snell and Caroline Snell Wagner

Texas Oncology-Texas Breast Specialists
Jeff Lamont, M.D. and Tuoc Dao, M.D.

Touchstone Imaging

Julie Turner

Gretchen Minyard Williams

$1,000 – $2,499

The Marilyn Augur Family Foundation

Gina Betts

Jeanne Bobbitt

Anne Reeder Corley

Kathy Crow
In honor of Ola Fojtasek

Julia Sands Cunningham

Linda P. Custard
In memory of my mother Mrs. L. Frank Pitts

Leslie Diers

Laura Downing

Gail Corder Fischer

Julia Ford

Amity Gillespie

Shannon Ligon Graham
In honor of Ola Fojtasek

Louise Griffeth

Randi Halsell
In honor of Josephine Garrett

Kimberly Acker Hext

Martha Hinojosa-Nadler

Mrs. Caroline L. Hunt

Leeanne Hunt

Libby Hunt

J.M. Haggar, Jr. Family Foundation

Sue Justice
In honor of Mrs. Kim Casey

Anita and Rainer Khetan
In honor of Mrs. Opal Heil

Kama Koudelka

Donna Lassen

Ginger Medlen

Laura Neely

Erle Nye

Debbie Oates
In honor of Ola Fojtasek and Amanda Shufeldt

Kim Quinn

Robbie and John A. Raphael Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

Lisa Rocchio

Diane and Scott Sealy

Shelle Sills

Vicki Stensrud

$500 - $999

Catherine Awtrey

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Barnes, Jr.
In memory of Doris Barnes

Sue Blackwell

Tamara Campbell

Taine Carrozza

Katie Collins

Jeanne Cox

Mandy and Sean Davenport

Lissie Donosky

Ann W. Dyer

Fredye Factor
In honor of Ola Fojtasek

Susan Fisk
In memory of Mrs. Robert L. (Alice) Stubblefield

Heather Furniss

Elizabeth Gambrell

Susan Glassmoyer
In honor of Ola Fojtasek

Sally Hanna

Rue Henry

Michelle Ho, M.D.

Lisa Hultz

Angie Kadesky
In honor of Claire Emanuelson

Wendy Kumpf

Jane Lancaster

Stacey McCord

Brenda Meloy

Su-Su Meyer

Stacy Piccagli

Mary Martha Pickens
In honor of Ola Fojtasek

Sue Porter
In honor of Kristie George & Helen Stewart

J. Michael Putman, M.D.

Connie Rhoades

Lisa Roossien

Christine Schuepbach

ChoyLeng Scott

Catherine Sisk

Alice Starr

Candace Swango

Laurie Towns
In honor of Ola Fojtasek

Melinda Winn

$250 - $499

Sharon Ballew

Priscilla Berry

Elizabeth Brooks

Cindy Carter

Joanna Clarke

Sissy Cullum
In honor of Margo Goodwin

Tiffany Divis

Michaela Dyer

Joan Eleazer

The GP Family Fund

Margaret J. Garrett

Sarah Hardin

Ramona Jones

Patty Leyendecker

Insha Luthra

Barbara Dawn Lyke

Brooke Malouf

Pam McCallum
In memory of Lindalyn Adams

Jo Anne McCullough

Paige McDaniel

Janie McGarr

Lisa Meyer

Carol Murphy

Connie O’Neill
In honor of Ola Fojtasek

Layne Pitzer

Ramona Stark Sands
In memory of Rebecca Havens Stark

Karen Sargent

Carol Seay

Linda Spina

Rebeccah Sullivan
In memory of Natalie Dickson

Mrs. Stephen B. Swann
In honor of Ola Fojtasek

Kay Weeks

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