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Monarch Butterfly
$100,000 - $249,999

Copart The Mary Kay Foundation

Paula Walker

Texas Crescent Butterfly
$50,000 - $99,999

E.T. Bradley and EBAA Iron
The Aileen and Jack Pratt Foundation
In honor of Dr. Joyce O’Shaughnessy and Dr. Michael Grant

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
$25,000 - $49,999

Lana and Barry Andrews
Lyda Hill Philanthropies

American Lady Butterfly
$10,000 - $24,999

Bank of America
Anita and Truman Arnold
Diane Brierley
Clear Channel Outdoor
The Eulich Family Foundation
Mary Clare Finney
Jacqueline Fojtasek
Margo and Bill Goodwin
Nancy Ann and Ray L. Hunt
Mrs. Karen Faulkner Key
Living Magazine
Locke Lord LLP
Sarah Losinger
Carolyn L. and David B. Miller
Randy Peck
Sewell Automotive Companies
Jill E. Tananbaum Family
In honor of Dr. Joyce O’Shaughnessy, Dr. Michael Grant, Dr. Bill Carpenter, Dr. Mark Deuber,
Dr. Pick Scruggs, Dr. Priscilla Hollander, Dr. Emilia Popa, and Dr. Lance Oxford
U.S. Radiology/Touchstone

Tawny Emperor Butterfly
$5,000 - $9,999

Susie and John Adams
American Radiology Associates
Jane and Pat Bolin
Karen and Mark Carney
In honor of Mrs. Del McCarthy
Commerce Street Holdings
Robyn and Don Conlon
Kathy Crow
In honor of Kristi Hall
DFW Child Magazine
Claire Emanuelson
Alan Engstrom
Tucker and Rich Enthoven
The Gayden Family Foundation
Kristina Hallam
Kathy and Larry Helm
Caroline L. Hunt
Tavia Hunt
Carol McEvoy and Pat Morgan-McEvoy
Peggy Black Meyer and Dan M. Meyer, M.D.
In memory of Nancy Black Zudis
Pam and Vin Perella
In honor of Peggy Meyer
Charles C. Pierce, Jr.
In honor of Lindalyn Adams, Randi Halsell, and Carol Pierce Goglia
Riggs Family Foundation
Sidley Austin LLP
Trudy Steen
Julie Turner, Amy Turner and Jenna Alexander
Tucean Webb
Trisha Wilson

Pearl Crescent

People Newspapers - Park Cities People and Preston Hollow People

Spring Azure Butterfly
$2,500 - $3,499

C.T. "Sparkey" and Merrie Beckham
Nancy Carlson
A.L. Chilton Foundation
Cook Dalton Family Foundation
Betsy and Richard Eiseman
The Roy Gene and Pamela Evans Foundation
James and Kristen Hinton
Kline Family Foundation
In honor of Peggy Meyer
Donna Lassen
Lisa Longino
Luther King Capital Management
Shirley and William S. McIntyre
Steve Newton
Erle Nye
Joyce O'Shaughnessy, M.D.
Ann and Dighton Packard
Physicians Realty Trust
Katherine and Eric Reeves
Texas Oncology
Alison Barron, M.D.; Tuoc Dao, M.D.;
Jeff Lamont, M.D.; Carolyn Thomas, M.D.
United Surgical Partners International

$1,000 – $2,499

Linda D. Barrow
Nancy Carter
Don Clampitt
Lisa Cooley
Laura and Jason Downing
Louise Eiseman
Estate Life Magazines
Ola Fojtasek
Louise and Guy Griffeth
In honor of Debbie Snell
Sally Hanna
Laura Harryman
Kristi Sherrill Hoyl
Angie Hutson
Cheryl and Richard Joyner
Stacey Kivowitz
In honor of Jill Tananbaum
Tracy Lange
Susan McSherry
Harriet Miers
Lark Montgomery
Carolyn Rathjen
Alice M. Starr
Gayle Stoffel

$500 - $999

Carol Aaron
The Baptist Standard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. "Buddie" Barnes, Jr.
In memory of Doris H. Barnes
Gina Betts
Georgia Sue Black
In honor of Peggy Meyer
Kathryn Carrere
Margot Carter
In honor of Jill Tananbaum
In memory of Lori Finkelston
Bill, Shirley and Will Cohn
In honor of Caroline Pratt
Sherri and Tom Cook
Jennifer Dix
Susan S. Fisk
In honor of Lindalyn Adams
In memory of Mrs. Robert L. (Alice) Stubblefield
Julie M. Ford
Elizabeth Gunby
Rue Henry
Kris Johnson
Roger S. Khetan
In honor of Mrs. Elke C. Khetan
Kama Koudelka
In honor of Peggy Black Meyer
Joyce Lacerte
Sally Berry Larson
In honor of Tucean Webb
Jennifer Massey
Sally & George Matuskey
In honor of Dr. Joyce O’Shaughnessy
Lynn McBee
Pam McCallum
In honor of Lindalyn Adams
Stacey McCord
Christine McKenny
Joyce Mitchell
In honor of Tucean Webb
Mary Martha Pickens
Kim Quinn
Debbie Scripps
Debbie Snell
Janina Solomon
In honor of Jill Tananbaum
Janyce Steinbrecher
Deborah Ethridge Sutton
Lucy Wallace, M.D.
Candace Winslow

Up to $500

Amy Adkins
Sandy Ammons
Lisa Aycock
Jamie Ayres
Matt and Heather Baker
In honor of Judy Hudson
Lindsay Ballotta
In honor of Carolyn Brown
Tim Bittenbinder
Tracy Brand
Bess Brooks
Carolyn Brown
Jeanette Burrell
Claire Bush
Amy Camp
Avra Carr
Christie Carter
Cindy Carter
Rhonda Chambers
Janis Coffee
Alexis Collard
Aimee Cook
Melinda Y. Costin
Kelly Crayton
Machelle Davenport
In honor of Nancy Bowles and Karen Holliness
and in memory of Leah Tillotson
Allie Dickerson
Leslie Diers
Joan Eleazer
Kimberley Elting
Patti Flowers
Kerrie Forbes
Tucean Franks
Elizabeth Gambrell
Roxann and Tony Garcia
In honor of Lindalyn Adams
Lorie Ghobriel
Jill Powell Goldberg
In honor of Susan Fisk
Nancy Gopez
In honor of Peggy Meyer, Jill Tananbaum, Susan McSherry,
Machelle Davenport and Kristi Sherrill Hoyl
Candice Gourley
Carrie Green
Claire Hagenbuch
Jennifer Huntsberry
Amy Jent
Allan and Lori Johnson
Di Johnston
In honor of Peggy Meyer
Beverly Keiser
Carolyn Kerr
Anita Khetan
Marilee Kimzey
Niran Krishnan
Landon Publishing
Dianne LaRoe
Tara Lewis
Ruthie Lightbourn
Michelle and Bill Lockhart
The Luthra Family
Philip Mathew
Kathryn McCoy
Jo Anne McCullough
Kim Miller
Darlene Moore
In honor of Sandra Moore and Barbara Reeves
Kathryn McCoy
Peggy Nash
Christina Norris
Lori I. Norton
Connie O’Neill
In honor of Peggy Meyer
Mary and Joe Parker
In honor of Jill Tananbaum
Wanda Patton
Elaine Pearlman
Ed Pollard
Warren Randall
Phyllis Rerko
Susan Roberds
Lauren Robinson
Isabel Rotthaus
Carol Rowley
In honor of Susan Fisk
Pam Sarkisian
Angela Seaman
Carol Seay
In honor of Peggy Meyer
Molly Seitel
Melissa Sherill
Shanon Smith
In honor of Karen Doshier
Shelle Sills
Kim Korenvaes Stein
Dr. and Mrs. Marvin J. Stone
In memory of Jill Stone
Mary Suhm
Rebeccah Sullivan
In memory of Natalie Dickson
Erin Taylor
Kris Terry
Renee Troegel
Barbara Van Riper
Dee Velvin
Caroline Snell Wagner
Lisa Walker
Sandra Wallace
Kay Weeks
In honor of Peggy Meyer
Marsha Wright
In honor of Nancy Carter
Edwyna Yarbrough
In honor of Gina Howell

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